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Resolve your dispute in an efficient and effective manner through Alternative Dispute Resolution procedures. J. J. Pierson, Esq. is a firm composed of skilled and experienced third-party neutrals who are prepared to assist disputing parties in resolving their dispute through ADR procedures.

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Member - National Academy of Arbitrators  |  Fellow - Chartered Institute of Arbitrators  |  New Jersey "Super Lawyer"

A Unique Story

J. J. Pierson has served as a full-time Arbitrator and Mediator since 1977.  He provides a unique approach to Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) through practice and education. Mr.  Pierson has resolved disputes in the private and public sectors, for businesses, governments (Federal, State and Local) and Federal and State courts for over four decades.  He is well-known as a "professional neutral" and a skilled intermediary in contract negotiations and dispute resolutions.  J. J. Pierson has established a record of building trust and developing strategies for successful resolution of disputes and strengthening the structures for continuing relationships.  Recognized nationally for settling disputes in the heavy and highway construction industry, he serves as Project Labor Arbitrator in nearly 100 Project Labor Agreements covering major construction projects across the U.S. Mr. Pierson is often relied upon for resolutions of jurisdictional disputes in the construction industry.  J. J. Pierson has rendered more than 6,000 arbitration awards involving business, commercial, corporate, government, labor, employment, insurance and ERISA trust fund matters. 

In 1992, Mr. Pierson created The Arbitration Centre, as both an educational arm of his practice and a conduit for assisting parties in developing practical and effective ADR systems.   He was soon joined by Murray Smith, a Barrister located in Vancouver, British Columbia. 

J. J. Pierson and Murray Smith have continued their collaboration for twenty-five years. To further and strengthen educational opportunities for International Commercial Arbitrators in the United States, Canada and Mexico, Mr. Pierson founded the North American Branch (NAB) of London based Chartered Institute of Arbitrators in 1994.  He served as its Founding Chair between 1995-1999. 

Murray Smith, a recognized International Arbitrator and co-editor of the seminal text  “Law and Practice of International Commercial Arbitration” by of Martin Hunter and Alan Redfern (2nd Edition) added his talents to the formation of the North American Branch and, since 1995, has been instrumental in vetting the distinguished faculty and developing the curriculum of educational programs presented by the NAB.   Mr. Smith later served as Branch Chair. .  

Both Mr. Piierson and Mr. Smitboth hold esteemed recognition as a Fellow of the Chartered Institute of Arbitrators and as a Chartered Arbitrator of the CIArb.

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