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Arbitration and Mediation Services  

Reduce the lengthy delays, costs, and anxiety of litigation by utilizing the arbitration services of J. J. Pierson, Esq., headquartered in Short Hills, New Jersey. An arbitrator is a neutral participant selected by two parties to resolve a dispute. Arbitration is a widely accepted, quasi-judicial process relied upon by practitioners to achieve an effective, final and binding resolution of a contract and statutory dispute.

Bridge - Arbitration Services

Labor & Employment

Resolve your collective bargaining dispute between management and labor. Each case is very different. Some take a day to resolve and others can take months, depending on the issues. The parties present the case, and we make the final decision based on evidence and testimony.

Business & Commercial

Our services include resolving business disputes on both a domestic and international basis. Services also cover civil matters, directed by the state and federal courts. Ask for a free explanation of our services.

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